Electric Cat Studios

Why Record at Electric Cat?


There are about a gazillion studios out there, seems everyone who’s gotten a G***R Center gift card thinks they’re a recording studio nowadays, and in a way, they are right. Modern interfaces generally sound pretty good, any DAW system can do an acceptable job of recording, mixing and processing. The big gigantic mixers that cost as much as a house, and racks and racks of gear of the old days are no longer needed to produce what was once called “Major Label” quality releases, ( is there such a thing as a major label anymore?) Low cost high quality equipment has evened the playing field. So if any system can do a decent enough job, why go anywhere?


“when the cars are equal, it’s not the race car, it’s the driver”


If the big fancy mixers with all the blinky lights and the big racks of outboard gear don’t matter, then what does?

It’s the engineer, the guy turning the knobs, the man on the mixer, that really makes the difference. It’s about decades of live sound FOH and studio experience making your recording experience fun, smooth, hassle free, and productive. We have done this before, and it shows.


Modern Digital Recording With an Analog Approach


Many modern studios want to take your music , chop it up and disassemble it into bits and pieces, then autotune and  time and pitch “correct” everything, effectively sucking all the life and soul out of the music. In our opinion, this is whats wrong with music today.


We record the music as live as possible, the way you’re used to playing it, with the whole band in the room, keeping all the energy and heart you put into it. Because that’s what really counts, the heart, the feeling.


We’re all about accurately recording, and then reproducing, the music that you, the artist, make. It’s your music, we’re here to take that music, and preserve it with all the soul intact.


Keep in mind that the old school methods and techniques are WAY faster than the over edited BS of today, not only saving your music from ruin, but saving you tons of money!


The Mandatory Recording Studio Equipment List

(Please be Impressed)

Midas M32r mixer Digital Mixer


Shure sm7B


Vintage Shure 315 Ribbon Mic


Vintage Shure 545 and 5456


50th anniversary sm58


Vintage EV320 Mic


Add Vintage Analog Tascam 44ob Four Track Recorder


Vintage Tascam 122 Mk3 Analog Cassette Mastering Recorder


ART Pro VLA Tube Optical Compressor


Vintage Eco Plate Plate Reverb Unit


Ampeg v2 Tube Head


Hammond L101a organ


ART Pro-Channel  Tube Microphone Preamp, with Tube / Optical Compressor, and 4 band Tube Parametric EQ


Vintage RODE K2 Tube Variable Pattern Condenser Microphone, the finest Vocal Condenser made in our opinion, and many others too.


JBL 300 series monitor subwoofer


4x  pm16B personal headphone mixers


Turbosound IQ series monitors in live room


Vintage 60’s SHURE UNIDYNE Microphone (the SM 57’s Grandpa)


Shure SM57(s) All studios have lots of these, if they don’t, they are probably not really a studio, run.


Shure SM58 (s) Same as SM57, but with a handy round ball on the end for vocalists to wrap their hands around, pissing off sound men


Vintage EV BK1 “Black Night” Vocal Condenser microphone, a lost classic cherished by many engineers


AKG D112 Kick drum Microphone, a studio standard for many decades, probably cause it works.


NADY RSM1 Ribbon Microphone, cause sometimes you really need a ribbon microphone


Custom Built SUB Microphone, like this one but my own design picks up the lowest lows… Its awesome.


Blue KickBall The best stand up bass Microphone


MXL V63 Condenser Microphone(s) warhorse tough condensers for drums guitar whatever


Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver Bass DI, simply a fantastic DI  for Bass!


Bugera V22 All Tube Guitar Amp, the most flexible little tube amp you’ll ever hear!